DASH: Developing Alternative Solutions to Housing

DASH is a not-for-profit community housing association serving young people in South Australia. Our mission is to provide young people in need with safe, stable and affordable housing; a place to call home.

As an organisation we manage tenancies to promote positive life outcomes for young people who are transitioning from supported accommodation to independent living, have experienced periods of homelessness or encounter disadvantage in accessing other forms of stable housing, such as through low income. Housing with DASH provides a stable base for vulnerable young people to pursue their work, training, education and family commitments and goals.

DASH currently has a portfolio of 93 properties across the greater Adelaide metropolitan area, together housing nearly 190 young people and their children. We work to maintain these housing assets and enhance their amenity, ensuring a safe and comfortable living standard for our tenants.

DASH is registered as a Tier 3 Community Housing Provider with the National Regulatory System and works with partnership with the South Australian Housing Authority to provide social housing for young people in South Australia.